Much of the world looks to Sweden awe struck by the affordances of it’s citizens especially when it comes to state provided benefits which enable a great deal of free choice. However, at what cost?

As part of their “Perspketiv på världen” series , UR features an episode titled; Sverige, ett extremland  where Sweden is described as a country with extreme values due to it’s emphasis on individualism, self actualisation, independence, equality, and secularism.

Stevie Mensah, author of  It’s Cold OO,  a children’s book about bullying and rejection, is interviewed in the episode. He discusses his lived experience of exclusion in Sweden due to being born black to African “immigrant” parents.  By consequence they did not conform to Swedish norms and values, which, in their extreme manifestation, had tragic repercussions for his family.

The segment also features Mensah’s inclusion and acceptance workshops that he runs for schools in conjunction with It’s Cold OO. If you are an SO or English teacher MeR recommends you get in touch with him via his academy’s  Facebook Page and schedule a workshop during the upcoming school year while he is in Sweden.

See the whole episode here:

Screenshot from urskola.se , featuring Stevie Mensah. Accessed 8 June 2018