On the 14th October MeR Barnkultur participated in Ethnografiska Museets, Family day. It was an informative, fun and creative day with a host of events drawing from the African Diaspora. It was also a first for MeR’s authors network.

4 members from the network attended and presented their books to an audience of families present. Anna Munyua, Chairlady of MeR and author of the Melvin books series, read from her newly published book Melvin och Tivolibjörnen. Sheila Kalusumu presented her book of songs and stories, Enyimba z”abato which are in Luganda , as well as Jarmaine Jackson with his wonderful book MultiKulti Leon, Silly Car Track (see earlier book review under Tema-Böcker). Stevie Mensah provided a theatrical, chapter reading from his book “Its Cold OO” which included the title song. 

Emily Joof, Vice Chair of MeR , together with Vanja Möller Zouzouho, Secretary of MeR, thanked the audience for attending and Ethnografiska museum for the invitation. They spoke on the importance of promoting and advocating for more diversity and representation in larger, public cultural forums. The children and youth growing up today deserve a cultural experience which reflects the beauty, diversity and inclusion we aspire to for our communities in Sweden.