Say what you want about digital reading, but one thing is for certain it is not only here to stay , it is getting readers reading more and non-readers reading.  Is it the allure of the gadgetry or the convenience of its portable nature is responsible?  Or maybe it’s  because content from wherever is easy to access whenever by anyone with an internet compatible device.

Fundza.mobi is the latest digital project of the South African based non-profit Fundza Literacy Trust. They publishe local authors with the aim of promoting reading for pleasure as well as for education (read more about their work to here).  Their digital library for mobile phones boasts free to read open access fiction that reach their readers through their much-treasured mobile devices, chapter by chapter giving them the opportunity to rate and review the experience. Readers can also become writers by dabbling in the world of self-publishing via the sites FANZ platform. Needless to say, this has gone down well in South Africa.

However, the relevance their digital library has for readers in the rest of the world, including Sweden, is that it is a way for South African YA stories to cross national borders at no cost. Their digital library has the potential to illuminate cultural stereotypes with the right guidance by presenting a contemporary picture of an African country as it is experienced through the eyes of young people.

Certain aspects of the site are not intended for international audiences, such as the language and grammar courses aimed specifically for South African residents and maybe not everyone in the world is fluent in South Africa’s 11 official languages however, there is a fair amount to read in English. One may find that some of the reader reviews are not exactly illuminating but one must remember this site is intended for young adults and it works for them.

We suggest you use their site in the classroom for english and cultural geography lessons focusing on english speaking countries. Alternatively, introduce it to your child/ren at home so they can read it on the bus, or promote it via your school library to those who want to read something discreetly that is not too long.

Find them in Google Play Store or Click through to the mobile digital library via the logo below!